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Secret Santa November 30, 2009

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We do this every year at work and I always dread it, but not as much as this year. I really don’t talk much with the people in my department and it’s no secret that I don’t enjoy my job.

That’s not the real issue though…Secret Santa just isn’t any fun at work! No one likes handmade anything, from what I’ve gathered in my 2 and half years here. Also, everyone just asks for gift cards (I know I did because who’s going to get me the yarn/needles I want?), so you basically just bought yourself your own $15 gift. Silly. I wanna give something that I don’t want. I want to put some thought into a gift and put a package together that someone will really appreciate. Truth be told, I’m not the best gift giver and I always stress that the receiver will positively hate what I give, but it’s fun nonetheless. $15 also isn’t a substantial amount either to get a nice-ish gift. It’s hard to stay in that range. $25 is do-able for me and if people liked awesome crafty-like things sold on Etsy, I would have no problem with $15. But again, people here a tad bit lame. I’ll figure something out and hopefully make the gift slightly cooler than just a gift card. Ideas?

Knitting has been going on, though not gift knitting. I finally picked up my Springtime in Philadelphia (PDF) from last August. Yep, August 2008, back when I went to Philly with Justin to see Jack Johnson and we hit up Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. I’m using some Koigu I’ve had for even longer than a year and half in a nice pinky colorway. There are these random flecks of dark blue that I love when I get to them–they add character to the pink.

This is my second lace hat (well, technically 3rd since I made 2 Foliages) and this is so scrunched I’m nervous it’s not going to fit. Oddly enough, I did a gauge swatch back in that fateful August and came up with needing size 2 needles, just what the pattern called for. Normally I go up a needle size or two but not this time! Problem is, now I’m thinking I should have gone up a size and that my gauge was playing a terrible trick on me and I’ll have to rip it all out in the end. Even after a good and proper blocking with a dinner plate and all. I’m on row 66 or something right now, really flying. The pattern is very simple to memorize but it’s definitely keeping me interested. John has finally gotten addicted to House and has started watching from Season 1 so for this holiday weekend, we watched absurd amounts of Hugh Laurie (fine by me!!) while I worked on my hat. Getting KnitPicks needles made a huge difference in my progress since the join is so smooth and graduated. With the other needles I have, you can see the size difference from the cord to the actual needle and the stitches weren’t sliding very well over that.


The pattern is so pretty that I was thinking of using it for a blanket. I bought some nice superwash yarn for a present (crap, better get started on that ASAP) and once I see how it knits up, maybe I’ll get some more and make myself a nice, lacy blanket to snuggle under.

Yeah, I skipped over talking about Thanksgiving as I was curled up in the fetal position with a migraine all day. poop. But how was yours?


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