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Car, car, c-a-r! October 1, 2009

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…if you wanna get hit, just stay where you are!

Anyone hear that as a kid while walking in the middle of the street? No? Hmm…either way, I bought a new car! He’s a Honda Fit and still needs a name. Here’s an iPhone pic from this morning as I rushed to get to work early. I’ll have a proper picture soon. Isn’t he handsome and such a great blue color!?!

I bought him last week, picked him up last night and signed my life away for 5 years. I’m so excited though, I don’t even care. I feel the way I felt when I bought my washer and dryer–like an adult. Buying a car is such a huge commiment! My other car is for sale so if you want a silver Acura Integra, by the name of George, that needs to have it’s exhaust fixed, let me know. He’s actually a really good car for parts, though I don’t recommend you buy him to be your primary driving car. hehe Get this about the Fit: it has 10 cup holders. Yes, ten. I don’t know why it needs so many, but there you have it. I do have to tell you how much I love that one of the cup holders is on my left side, as part of my dashboard. I’m a lefty and while I’ve adapted very well to this right-hand-driven world, it’s nice to see things that help me feel accepted. The sheer space in this car amazed me! I really can’t get over it. After work today I’m going grocery shopping and I can’t wait to see how neatly my green bags will fit in the hatch without worrying whether I’m smooshing the bread or not. Am I being completely ridiculous to be excited about such silly things? *sigh*


On Friday I will be driving the Fit to NY with John to see my sister before she moves to GA. Have I told you about that? I’m really upset and when she told me they were moving, I cried that night. (I’m actually embarassed to admit that…) I guess it really is true that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Sure, going to GA is easy-peasy by plane but just the hassle of having to fly there and thinking about that makes me sad. Driving to upstate NY is so simple, though far, and I didn’t go up as often as I should have or would have liked. Oh well, I’m going up there tomorrow. They need help getting the house together and probably making sure Shell and Ben are set to fly next weekend. Jer is driving one of the cars down next weekend, flying to NY at some point, and driving the other car down. I did offer to take a week off of work to help them get settled in GA but Shelley said it was okay and to save my vacation time for later. Oh, and I know some of you are thinking, “You can always drive to GA if the hassle of flying is really a factor…” Been there, done that. Maybe in another lifetime, thanks. Though stopping in DC on the way home was a nice way to break the trip up. Maybe I could plan another road trip down there!


Ugh, I’m gonna miss them.


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