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Ramblings September 14, 2009

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I didn’t post again last week. I’m really trying to stay on top of the once a week posting, promise.

Remember the hat we spoke about in a couple posts? Well, it’s finished! I knit the Norwegian Star hat by Tiennie and it was supposed to be a surprise for John but since we are basically always together, I would never be able to knit it in secret! It fits but is slightly big. I didn’t take ease into account. I’m thinking there should have been some negative ease….I knit “Adult” with size 8 needles for 5 stitches/inch with Cascade 200. That produced a 22 and something inch hat. So it does fit but isn’t snug. John doesn’t mind and I think it still looks good and there’s always the option of slightly felting it but I would rather not try that and screw up my first REAL colorwork hat (stripes don’t count). It’ll felt with use come
the winter anyway, right? Mind you, it needs to be blocked….

And does anyone know if there are blocking classes? I feel like such an
idiot. I knit something for a swap and attempted to block it but I don’t
feel like it did much. I know the item could definitely have been blocked
larger but I’m so nervous when laying it out and pinning and stuff. I’m
also using kid’s foam squares and there isn’t any real indication if you’re
laying things out straight. I’m nervous to use a marker to mark out lines
incase it’ll stain my knitwear. I’ve read that people love blocking wires,
maybe those would be better for me? Are they only for lace? I just feel bad
because I’m sending my partner something I made that she will most likely just block again on her own before wearing. 😦 I’m a bad swap partner! I couldn’t even really think of anything to keep with the High Holiday theme. I’m fired.

Now that I’ve tackled the Norwegian Star hat and know that I can carry yarn
and do a good job with it, I’m going to knit a fingerless glove pattern
that only has a 6 row colorwork repeat…or something small like that. I
can’t get the pattern right now because work’s internet is down and I’m
blogging with my phone. I’ll come back and add links later. The pattern is
in my top 10 patterns in my Ravelry queue. Seems silly that I jumped into
doing the hat first but I think the gloves will be tougher because it’ll be
on DPNs. Speaking of tough projects, so far this year I’ve done my first
pair of socks, my first sweater, and my first colorwork project; I’m on a
roll! Maybe I should give lace a try again! What else can I do? I will
eventually knit that sweater pattern from Brooklyntweed that I mentioned
before, but I really can’t spend money on yarn right now. boo.

Oh! Brooklyntweed made me think of my birthday! I turned 25 this year and I
decided that it was high time I take myself to a Broadway show on my actual birthday. And that’s just what I did! John and I went to see The Little
Mermaid and good thing we went then, it’s final day on Broadway was August
30. What luck! The bad luck was that I couldn’t get tickets to see Guys and
Dolls, as was my original plan. It apparently was taken off in it’s 7th
week or something and was supposed to close even earlier because it wasn’t
bringing in any money. They couldn’t get people in the seats!!! The cast
must not have been that great, in my opinion, if they couldn’t sell a
classic to people. Now, I know we are in a recession and people aren’t
spending to see shows but The Little Mermaid was freakin’ packed! There
were hardly any empty seats! But whatever, that’s neither here nor there.
Before the show, we spent the morning on the beach. I swam (read: floated)
in the water for most of our time there while John burned on the shore.
Note to self: buy a beach umbrella because not everyone has skin like
yours. We ended up leaving earlier than I would have liked because I didn’t
want John to turn into a lobster and we needed to get lunch before we took
the train into The City. He was very sweet that morning and woke me at 8:26 (the time I was born) to wish me a happy birthday and give me presents!

Actually, I got the Brooklyntweed book a little after midnight on the 26th
since we were still up. I got a really beautiful peridot and sterling
silver necklace and a pair of earrings that have little copper discs
stacked, both off of etsy, and a ridiculously sweet card–all wrapped in
Christmas paper! haha It was really a perfect day but I was so beat that
Thursday. We got home around 1 in the morning so it was hard to get up for
work that morning. I felt a little zombie-like.

Well, I think that’s all there is to post about right now. I need to figure
out how to add pictures to this post through the iPhone app and pray the
internets are fixed soon!


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