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Little List September 3, 2009

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Quick post!

First, a big THANK YOU! to Gale and her BFF, Arline, from Imperial Cookies. Gale held a blog contest, that closed on August 23rd, where she asked her readers what kind of cookies they would like to see Arline make. The winner was to receive one pound of cookies and guess who won!? I asked for the toasted almond and chocolate chip biscotti. I freakin’ love biscotti but find it odd that I do because I’m not the biggest fan of crisp/crunchy cookies. The box o’cookies arrived yesterday and was torn into immediately, of course. No disappointment here but now I’m sad I don’t have a cookie jar to put the awesome biscotti in. 😦 Maybe I’ll find a really neat looking one on etsy to buy….? I should go look.

Second: I decided to take part in Project 365. You know, taking a picture every single day for an entire year…My plan was to originally start on my 25th birthday and chronicle my year until my golden birthday. But the 26th came and went and I forgot to start! They say memory is the first thing to go, right? 😉 Either way, yesterday was the first day for my Project 365 and I created a flickr account specially for it. I think there’s some way to have my photostream show up on the sidebar or on another page or something but I haven’t bothered to look yet. Perhaps I’ll figure it out tomorrow during lunch. Please feel free to comment on my pictures (all will be taken with my iPhone–the only theme I could come up with that I can stick with). I’m severly amatuer but maybe my camera eye will sharpen with this endeavor?

Third: I’ve decided which earflap hat to make and have started it. I’m excited for the motif part, since I’ve never done stranded knitting before and if I do well, I’m going to hopefully move on to Stillwell,  from brooklyntweed’s new book (it was a birthday present from John!)…which leads me to my fourth item.

Fourth: All of my yarn will be organized this weekend and I will start my destash. I’ll most likely post what I have to sell/give away on here as well as on Ravelry. Send people to my blog if you know they just LOVE yarn and can’t live without it. I CAN live without it and really, most seriously, need to declutter my life. I will eventually get to my scrapbooking supplies as well. I don’t really think I need an entire pack of the same print 12×12 paper, do I?

Fifth: Sorry I didn’t post last week. I did mean to and I have things to post about…

Sixth: Good day, sir. 😀



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