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Plenty Pushups August 20, 2009

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Pushups are my nemesis. I can barely do them but I always need to at the “Ninja Training” that’s on the weekends. I push and push and push but never feel like I’m getting any better. We also have to do them at practice during some drills if we get knocked down or out of bounds. Sadly, doing the extra workout on Sundays just isn’t enough! But there’s hope for me! And you too if you wanna work on your upper body and core strength.

John’s been talking about doing some workout 3 times a week for a couple weeks now. He’s done it before and then got lazy and stopped but no more! He’s seen a change in his physique(I love that word!) and has been keeping up with his workout so I asked him about it the other say when he said he was going to do 100 pushups that night. Turns out he’s doing a program called onehundredpushups! Go ahead and click the link, you know you want to!

Basically, you work out 3 times a week and the program tells you how many pushups to do each time to help build you up to doing 100. You do an initial test to figure out where in the program you need to start so you don’t kill yourself and give up. I know I’ll be starting with week 1 and probably doing a modified pushup (those are the ones I do at training). It’s all good though, I’ll get better and stronger in NO TIME and be a better skater. Once I finish the pushup program, or as I progress and don’t get super sore, I’m going to add in the twohundredsquats routine. We are made to do tons of squats at training too and I die then as well. haha

Does anyone want to start this challenge with me? There are tests to take at the end of each week so you know which column to follow when you start again the next week so you really can’t go wrong I’m starting August 24th and I plan on finishing the routine. There’s also an iPhone appto help you keep track and time you between sets and stuff. So really, who’s with me? This’ll give me something else to blog about!!!

Now I leave you, but not without a picture! John and I went to the Mansfield Drive-In on Saturday and between flicks, they played the old drive-in concession stand commercial!


Sorry it’s so tiny, I didn’t realize I could have just turned around and taken the picture from the screen behind us until it was too late. Doh! In case you were wondering we watched District 9 and The Ugly Truth. We both thought the movies were good. Oh, and if you go, bring bug spray! They bit me in places a person should never be bitten. 😦


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