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Handy hat help to have… August 12, 2009

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This isn’t a real post…just asking for some help.

I want to knit an earflap hat as a gift and there is one in particular that I like with a wave pattern from a certain website that gives surprises every issue (I cannot link or name it case the person is reading this now and get curious) but I’ve never done colorwork. I’m nervous to make said hat, especially since it’s brim up. I’m a top-down kinda gal.

Question 1: Could I just start the hat from the top with my fave spiral increase method, flip the chart upside down and go from there? Does that work? It theory, I don’t see why it wouldn’t so long as I get to the correct number of stitches…

Question 2: Do you know of any easy-peasy-first-time-doing-colorwork-band-like pattern that would look good on a hat?

Question 3: I still don’t think I understand how to even do colorwork, what with joining the new yarn and switching colors and stuff…I’ve done it in a striped hat, is it the same? Am I making myself crazy thinking it’s harder than it is?

Thanks in advance and feel free to comment and link to stuff. I’ll post on my projects page whatever I decide to do since the person doesn’t have access to Ravelry.



2 Responses to “Handy hat help to have…”

  1. Hey Beth!

    A to Q1: Quit being a baby and do it bottom up. 😛 Trust me. Part of the fun of learning a new technique is to get out of your comfort zone, right? You can do it!!

    A to Q2: I have done a few hats that were easy peasy. Check my Ravelry page. There’s some on there that can be modified- if you want less design, do less. I think all of the hats were free patterns too. (BONUS!)

    A to Q3: It’s a bit of a challenge, but one that you can totally do. Read up on some articles (I think Knitty might have a couple) about stranded knitting. It will help to get you pumped for this.

    Like I said, you can do it!! If you want, I’d be happy to answer more questions on Ravelry, so we can be extra secretive. heehee. 😉

    You can also do a pattern search for hats on there.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Beth, I agree with Heidi. You can totally do it.I saw your first sock, so no problem.You have skills.
    I made that hat. It’s not hard. If you were going to end up with the same stitch count, you could do that hat from top down and use the same chart. A hat is a hat! But don’t try to use a differn sticth count & need to re-chart. PITA

    It’s only two colors, it’s not that different than stripes- just read up a little and come to SnB, someone will help you out. Like me, if I ever got my tush there more often. The main thing is not to pull the stranded color (the one being carried) too tightly or it’ll all pucker.

    Good luck..and OH! The real reason I’m writing is you won a pound of the cookies from my blog contest. YAY! I was so happy I knew a winner personally. Send me your choice & address & I’ll have them sent.

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